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The St. Joe River, located in the Pacific Northwest, is not the most well-known body of water in the region. However, it is one of Coeur d’Alene’s best-kept secrets, in our humble view.

The St. Joe River is a tributary of Lake Coeur d’Alene and is located in northern Idaho. At the southern end of Lake Coeur d’Alene, you’ll find the lovely St. Joe River, which flows through three distinct counties. The river begins its journey in Shoshone County, at a height of over 6,000 feet, and continues into Benewah County. The St. Joe River then flows through Heyburn State Park before entering Kootenai County, where it meets the Columbia River.


The river has an elevation of 2,129 feet at its mouth, which is the highest point on the river. As a result, the St. Joe River has been dubbed “the world’s highest navigable river” due to its elevation. A river must be wide enough and calm enough to allow vessels to pass across it in order to be deemed navigable. It must also be deep enough to accommodate vessels.


With so many elevation variations and changes in position for the St. Joe River, you may be wondering how deep the St. Joe River actually is. What is the St. Joe River’s character like? What activities are available on the St. Joe River? Continue reading to find out the answers to all of your questions!


Depth of the St. Joe River

The depth of the St. Joe River varies over its 140-mile length, as does its elevation. The depth of the St. Joe River varies from season to season as a result of the snow runoff that occurs every spring. The depth of the St. Joe River can vary between 15 and 30 feet in most cases.


The river begins its journey high in the mountains at the Idaho-Montana border, where it is initially very shallow. Its size and depth increase as it flows down the mountain and into the valley below. Following its descent from Avery and Calder, the swift water subsides and is classified as navigable at St. Joe City, where the average depth between there and the point at which it enters the lake is approximately 30 feet. A 100-foot-deep section of the St Joe River can be found in the great eddy near Ramsdale, which is where the river is at its deepest.


Additional pools line the river, where people can go fishing from the shore or float downriver on inner tubes. These pools are just 8-12 feet deep, making them a fantastic location for water-based sports such as swimming and diving.


What is the St. Joe River like to swim in?

The St. Joe River is a delight to explore, and it offers something for everyone to enjoy. For the most part, the river is bordered by tall evergreen trees and clearings densely planted with flowers. Along the river, you’ll find beautiful mansions and eye-catching landmarks, among other things.


Activities on the St. Joe River

On the St. Joe River, there are numerous opportunities for exploration. A variety of activities, ranging from water sports to visiting the local woodlands, will ensure that you have a nonstop time.


Tubes that float on the surface of the water

As we previously indicated, there are little pools along the river where people may float and enjoy the scenery while doing so. Enjoy this enjoyable activity with a group of friends or family members!


Keep an eye out for wildlife.

Along the St. Joe River, you can frequently see a variety of species. Elk, deer, moose, bears, badgers, otters, eagles, osprey, hawks, and a variety of other wild species can be found in this area.


Take a Trip to the Fishing Pier

The Saint Joe River is also a haven for a number of different fish species. Kokanee salmon, bull trout, rainbow trout, cutthroat trout, largescale suckers, and mountain whitefish are some of the species that inhabit this area. Because it is one of the world’s highest navigable rivers, it is an excellent place to go fishing.


Learn about the history of Idaho.

North Idaho and the St. Joe River have played an essential role in the lumber business of the Pacific Northwest for many years. Along the St. Joe River, Douglas fir, pine, and other types of wood have been cultivated and harvested for centuries.


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